Monday, February 9, 2009

Slipcovered Sofa ...

This is our living room sofa ...

Sad, right? I would love to get a new one but its not in our plans right now.
I once read a magazine article about a mom who said that white slipcovers were so great because you could take them off and wash them no matter what your kids got on them. I thought, "That is so true." Mr. T and I decided to buy a new sofa considering the state of our current one but never got around to it. In the meantime, I got a white slipcover on eBay and made some simple pillows for the back of the sofa.

Not bad right? Good enough until we got around to buying a new sofa. Well, the magazine article lady clearly didn't have a child like The Wild One. One day, it was very quiet in my house. You know what that means if you have kids. I RAN into the other room and found The Wild One scribbling on my white slipcover with a gel pen she'd managed to snag from my drawer that I'd left unlocked for literally a few seconds. Try as I might with every Martha Stewart cleaning recipe there is, the ink never came out.


  1. OMG !! The sofa looks FANTASTIC!! Right now I am on a MISSION to find a slipcover for my sofa as well; constantly looking through Pottery Barn's catalog, Ballard Designs, and especially love a local (Maryland) slipcover designer; I just did a post about slipcovers at my blog "Passion for Pink" Come by and visit!!!

  2. Wow, I love your sofa! The slip cover looks great! I have a secretary desk almost like yours.

  3. Way late to the party, but cheap hairspray will often take ink out. spray a small spot and dab with a paper not rub or it will spread. A little rubbing alcohol seems to work, too. Glycerin is supposed to work, but I can never find it (it's supposed to be at the pharmacy). Hope this helps.


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