Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Vintage" jewelry ...

I don't really know anything about vintage jewelry. I happen to own some thanks to my mom who inherited some of her grandmother's things. Here are some of those things mixed in with other things I've acquired like the bracelet on the lower right that is actually new and the square rhinestone shoe adornments (is there a term for those?). They were my mom's "something borrowed" for her wedding 38+ years ago but I guess they never made it back to the original owner.

This is one of my great-grandmother's rings. I love it. I can't say I really have many memories of her because I was young when she passed away (maybe 6?) so I don't remember much. What I do remember is that she loved jewelry and wore a lot of it and that she liked the occasional beer. Other than that, what I remember is not so happy ... my mother's devastation the day she died. My mother loved her a lot and was very close to her. I was young but I remember that clearly.

I recently purchased more items on eBay (some shown below). That was interesting. There is such a demand for things there and bidding is competetive if you don't want to spend a lot (like me). My plans were to use them as adornments on things I might make but now I don't think I want to part with some of them. For example, the large square with red stones is really beautiful and the picture doesn't do it justice. Its missing some rhinestones, and that makes me wonder if it has a history like my own heirloom pieces.

Whether they're vintage or not, I love every piece.

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  1. Hello! I love vintage jewelry! You have some wonderful pieces there!!!!


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