Friday, March 20, 2009

Anniversary Dreaming ...

In May, Mr. T and I will be married 5 years. Doesn't seem like that long. Time flies. Every year, we try to do something even if its only a nice dinner at home (as nice as it can be with 2 girls under 3 running around). This year, we thought maybe we'd go on vacation after getting an offer for babysitting. Happy Girl is only a year old, so I didn't want to go far. Maybe a mini-trip? How about just a night away?

So, Mr. T found this place not far from my parents in Delaware and only 2 blocks from the beach. The Bellmoor in Rehoboth Beach. Mr. T said, "They have garden rooms." I replied that that's just a nice way of saying that you're overlooking the parking lot. Wrong!

I'd love to have breakfast (or lunch or dinner) here ...

TripAdvisor listed it as the #1 hotel in Rehoboth. Alas, our babysitter made other plans and is no longer available. Maybe next year ...

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Sorry about the pictures not loading properly yesterday. Instead of saving them, I linked them and they loaded if you refreshed the page. I intended to fix them but didn't get a chance. Hopefully, its fixed now.


  1. ohhh its so beautitful! I hope you get to visit it soon. we just celebrated our 31st anniversary, at this stage of life--babysitters are not a worry!

  2. How romantic and beautiful. I live outside Philadelphia so I will absolutely keep this place in mind in case Mr. F and I want to get away! Have a wonderful time!


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