Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama = Not my favorite person today.

Not long ago, Obama made some comments about how silly it was that schools were closed when it snowed only a small amount. He's from Chicago where it snows a ton and its no big deal. I understand how he feels. I grew up in NY and school was never closed. I remember driving to college many times in blizzards. Snow doesn't scare me.

The government is open today which means I have to work. I left my house and as usual, the streets were not plowed but I expected that the main roads would be. No such luck. I managed to make it as far as the highway before I was just too scared and came back home.

So, I'm trying to finish up my work and now have to take the rest of the day off using up my precious leave. Hopefully at some point, Obama will come to the realization that I did and see that around here, snow = chaos.

Well, at least I'll be able to continue work on my bedroom which is still a mess.

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