Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty Soaps ...

Every time I go somewhere, a fair, trip, or even just a new store, I come across pretty soaps, often handmade. I realized that these were pretty, useful, inexpensive souveniers I could get when nothing else catches my eye particularly in tourist trap-type places. I eventually got apothecary jars to hold the soaps I've collected over time and I keep them in my guest bath. The jar on the right is full of plastic eggs at the moment, not soap (yet)!

There is a great hardware store that sells everything near us. Mr. T and I love the store. Its not like Home Depot or Lowes. Its a smaller, neighborhood store that sells everything and the service is outstanding. So, I went there the other day and came across some monogrammed soaps. I got one for my mom, to go with the jars like mine she wanted that I got her as a housewarming gift, but couldn't resist getting a monogrammed soap for myself.

Besides the soap, isn't the dish holding the guest towels great? That was handmade by Mr. T's sister for Christmas.

I get a ton of catalogs. I like to do my shopping online as much as possible (reduces the amount of trips out I have to make with the monkeys) so I end up getting mountains of random catalogs. I got such a nice one yesterday called Cambria Cove. They sell everything from business cards to chocolates, but they have the prettiest soaps. I love these robins eggs ...

And, of course, the bird soaps to go with them!

Then there are these pears ...

... and bees ...

... and a more rustic looking French olive oil soap.

The price point is out of my price range, but the catalog was fun to look at and a surprise in the mass of uninteresting catalogs I get.


  1. I just love the soap jars! and the bird soaps!
    I get so many ideas from your blog.
    One of my co-worker is a fan of your blog now.

  2. Thanks Suzie!

    {waving to co-worker} ;-)

  3. Hi, Melanie!
    Have a great weekend!


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