Sunday, March 22, 2009

A problem and a solution

I used to keep my dish soap in a wine bottle that I'd had forever. I hate the ugly plastic container dish soap comes in so that was something I did on a whim one day that lasted several years. Well, I never really liked the wine bottle so I tossed it one day (again on a whim). For a while we used Method soap that came in a less ugly plastic bottle, but neither of us liked the soap itself (seemed watery). So, back was the ugly plastic soap container. I dedided to buy an old blue glass bottle for the soap and searched high and low for one that was the size and shape I wanted. I never found one and those I did find, were more than I wanted to pay for a dish soap bottle. Over the weekend, I found this pretty bottle at the thrift store for $1.

Now, the bottle is actually clear, not blue. Solution? Blue dish soap! Voila! Problem solved.


  1. very pretty! I love that color.

  2. I get so many ideas from your blog and things like this doesn't cost a lot of money and it's easy to do it. I can't wait for my weekly visit to Goodwill. Now i have a good reason to buy those beautiful glass bottles that i see at Goodwill all the time!!!!
    Thank you, Melanie!

  3. The bottle is great and for $1...can not get any better than that....and the blue soap...great....and it looks great on your counter....
    Mo :-)

  4. Fabulous! I had actually never thought of that...we have the ugly plastic container by our sink as I are inspiring me!

    And thanks for coming and leaving such heartfelt, kind words on my last blog post!

  5. Fabulous idea to have the soap in a pretty bottle.

  6. I love that idea! I, several years ago, saw an article about crystal decanters to use for mouthwash. I was hooked. Those mouthwash bottles look kinda yucky, but in a crystal decanter-wow!!! You know you can get great decanters at TJ Maxx and Ross so they are not an arm and a leg...Hugz...Tiina...

  7. love your idea and for $1.00...I'm going to look for something like this on my next thrifting adventure. Thanks Regina


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