Thursday, March 26, 2009


Recycling is everywhere these days and for good reason. Less waste is good for the planet. Well, recently I found that you can buy entire lots of broken vintage jewelry for the price you might pay for just one in good condition. Lots of people do this and I think its great.

Some pieces are missing a stone (or two or three) ...

... some broken such as this rhinestone piece missing the pin ...

... and others just missing their mate.

But throw them away? No ... How could you throw such beautiful things away? No one is perfect, right? Besides, age and imperfection gives us character!

Yesterday, I finished my pillow with turqoise shell buttons that I posted about yesterday. It looked like it needed a little something. I pulled out my broken jewelry and found this beauty.

An inexpensive pin back, jewlery glue and an overnight drying time later ...

Pretty and perfect once more.


  1. Looks Fabulous!!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...

  2. Wow!!
    Yes!! what a great idea!!
    I want to do that on my lamp shade!!
    How about that? :D happy camper

  3. Great idea for using those old abandoned earring mates !


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