Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a weekend ...

We left bright and early Saturday headed to Delaware. It really was a great day despite the dreary weather. Unfortunately, I was so preoccupied with not forgetting sippy cups and diapers that I forgot my camera! I helped my parents put together a table they got for their breakfast nook and suggested they get a cabinet for a little area against the wall. So, we headed out to a great store near their house that sells all kinds of old things. We had been there before and loved it. I wish I could share the cobalt blue cabinet my mom ended up getting. Next time!

I, on the other hand, scored a few things I can share. First, I got the bowl and pitcher I was looking for! I wanted it for the top of the armoir in our bedroom. I looked all over the flea market for one of these last week and couldn't find anything white. Also everything I saw was over $100. I got this one for $30!

When I went to wash it, I saw that it is a Homer Laughlin piece (famous for Fiestaware). So, I'm guessing its from the early 1900s. Cool! I love it regardless.

I also got a creamer and sugar milk glass set for $1.50 and was so happy with that deal. Unfortunately, the Wild one got her hands on the bag and threw it on the floor breaking one of them. Superglue mended it, but it won't be the same. Oh well. At least it wasn't the pitcher!

Last, I got these old fairy books from the 1920s. I passed them up the last time I was there and regretted it. This time, I picked them up immediately.

I also have been thinking of getting a corner cabinet for my dining room and I saw one at the store but after I thought about it, it was more than I wanted to spend. I'll keep looking.

After my girls were in bed for the night, Mr. T and I decided to head over to a small casino close to where my parents are. Boy, is it pitch black out there at night! Anyway, we played some slots and I won $250!!!! After that, we had some dessert at a great restaurant they have in the casino before heading back. We have no family near us so it was a really nice mini-date. We don't get time alone often.

We headed home this morning and on the way back we saw a HUGE antique store. It was raining and we didn't want to wake up the girls sleeping in the car. Next time! Back home sweet home now.

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