Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So sad ...

I posted this a few days ago. Its a Valentine's Day card from 1927 that was made in Germany. I got it at the flea market last Saturday. I got others but this one was my favorite.

It survived over 80 years, through a World War ... and it did not make it a week in my house. While I was making dinner, I peeked in on my girls who were happily playing in the living room while I made dinner. Five minutes later, Mr. T arrived home and walked past the living room and said to my Happy Girl, "Oooh, you're in trouble." My card was in little bitty shreds. :-( She'd climbed on the sofa and reached over the desk to grab the card and was deconstructing it - the couple in particular. I grabbed up the tiny pieces and tried to piece it together hoping tape might salvage it, but because of the age, the paper was disintegrating. I had no choice but to discard the fragments in the trash. I wish I'd at least gotten a clearer picture of it since the one above is somewhat blurry.

I'm heartbroken and disappointed, but how can I be upset with this face?


  1. You, my friend , cannot be upset with that pretty little face at all !!!Is she precious or what!!!There will be more cards, xoxo~Kathy~@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. nothing lasts forever, right? well, she didn't do any harm...

    the valentine that was meant for the loved one 80 years ago... got sent.


    Hoping you are ok.

  3. Oh, what a little cute face. She is you new little valentine! Sandi

  4. It is true that the Valentine did end up with the intended recipient 80 years ago. ;-)

    I'm disappointed, but I look at my sweet girl who doesn't have a clue and I just have to smile!


  5. You'll forget all about that valentine in a few days, but that little punkin girl of yours is so sweet...yea, you can't be upset with that face!


  6. :-( I had a beautiful vintage teacup that I just loved, until an errant ball hit it one day (HIGH up on a shelf where I *thought* it was safe). What can you do? It's just stuff.

  7. (I do still miss that teacup though...sniff...)


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