Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love Wallpaper ...

I'm participating in the DIY Showoff Giveaway that ends tomorrow (better late than never) so I'm posting something ispiring from that blog. Only one thing? Seriously. I love so many things Roeshel posts over there. I really love her faux Mercury glass pumpkins, but I've posted plenty on pumpkins lately so here's another one I love ...

This wallpaper project is just awesome!

I actually love wallpaper. The thing is, that unlike paint, its a bit more work to remove it. I'm not afraid of wallpaper removal (dealt with the nightmare of unprimed wallpapered walls) but paint is just so much easier to just do over. The picture above? The idea came from wallpaper but its actually a handpainted mural. Incredible! I always wanted to one damask wall. I even found paper I loved.

But couldn't get Mr. T on board. A little too feminine for him. For now, I'm happy to admire it in other homes!

I'm a little late, but go check out the DIY Showoff Giveaway! Its a good one!

EDIT: I forgot to post where I found the wallpaper. You can find it here.


  1. That's one of my favorites too! Britt has so many inspiring ideas!

    Thanks for playing along and for your help with the clues!

    Good luck!


  2. Just beautiful!!! I have the same lamp on your buffet!! Love it!!

  3. Melanie,
    So that is a mural?
    It's really beautiful.
    And the piece at the bottom, the blue?

    I think doing a stencil like that on a wall
    would be doable. Would he go for hta??

    blessings and thanks for the beautiful pics.


    barbara jean

  4. That picture is BEAUTIFUL! That wallpaper combined with the board and batten would make a gorgeous nursery.

  5. After seeing that photo, and then trying to imagine it with just paint, it would really be lacking. The damask wallpaper just makes it!

  6. Just wanted to clarify ... The first picture is not my house. Its one of the posts featured over on the DIY Showoff. I linked to it in the post if you want more information.

    The second picture is a wallpaper I'd chose a while ago. Its not so much that Mr. T opposed wallpaper, but the femininity of the design. I've been thinking of redoing our office though and now I'm wondering if he'd be okay with it in one wall in there ... Hmmm ...

  7. And, yes, its a mural! The idea came from a very expensive wallpaper.

  8. Yep, love those faux mercury glass pumpkins. I may even make one this year! I love wallpaper! I'm going to wallpaper one of my closets.


  9. I use to have every wall in my home wallpapered and loved it. Now I don't have any. This room is just gorgeous and I agree the wallpaper is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi, do you remember where you found that amazing blue wall paper? Thanks so much!!!!!!!


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