Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blue and White (of course!)

I've you've been reading this blog for a while, you realize by now that I love blue, white and green. Not only am I drawn to those colors for my home, but on myself as well. This weekend for hours and hours of belly dancing during an intensive 2-day class I signed up for, I've had this pretty scarf tied around my hips ...

There were plenty of other scarves I could have chosen, but I had to have this one for its color. Its quite heavy with all the coins, but its fun to shimmy in as well.

As I was preparing to leave the studio last night with a sore back after two days of belly dancing, I looked at a green scarf, but it was so similar to the one above that I left it. Then, I looked up and this caught my eye ...

I couldn't pull it down from the top rack fast enough. I loved the beads and although I'm not a pink person, I loved that it has just a hint of pink.

This morning I woke up and my back was much better but I discovered that I'm now sore in places I didn't even know muscles existed. I was tempted to start the overwhelming task of painting my laundry room but decided it might be a good idea to rest instead. Tonight, I have my regular class but it is only an hour and after a relaxing day, I'm ready for more hip shakin'. Then, my body will have a break for a week ... except for all the walking I will be doing Wednesday. Only 3 more days until my trip to NY!


  1. The scarves are both just magnificent. Love them. Good for you for taking such a class and learning something new. Great exercise and fun to boot. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh I bet it's just an amazing workout! Definitely not easy! Those are simply gorgeous! Very exciting that your NY adventure is quickly approaching!

  3. They are gorgeous! I imagine belly dancing used muscles you didn't know existed!


  4. I have always wanted to give belly dancing a try! I share in your color love and by the way, that scarf is utterly amazing!

  5. The Consummate Hostess,
    Try belly dancing! Its a new year, why not? ;-) Honestly, its really wonderful. There are women of all ages, all shapes and sizes and everyone is there to have fun. It is very much a woman's dance. I love it!


  6. How fun!! The scarves are beatiful. The classes sound fabulous. I don't think they would have classes like that around here, but sounds like fun exercise! Cannot wait to hear about your trip.


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