Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Projects/Two Paints

I stopped by Home Depot today to browse the paint chips and ended up bringing home two samples. I really loved the Behr Ultra paint when I used it in my half-bath so I'm going to use it again particularly because I need some serious coverage on the walls there. I also picked up a color sample for our office (another project on the horizon). So, what's inside?

Yellow (Summer Harvest) for the Laundry Room and a Turquoise Blue (Balmy Seas) for the Office.

I've already tested the yellow on the walls and I really love it. The turquoise looks great too. The office is the darkest room in the house and it needs something to bring it to life. Its not much but its a start ...


  1. I'm inspired by these colors--so bright, happy, and motivating! I want to paint a chair in the turquoise...and cover it an Amy Butler fabric I've wanting to do something with.

  2. I love both colors! That aqua is dreamy.


  3. Love the colors too!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Very pretty colors. I wish I could find some samples that is colors I would actually use. My luck always finds the purples, bright reds and boring browns.


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