Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who goes there?

Check out my newly painted door ...

Here's how it looked a few days ago ...

Its really amazing how just painting that door added brightness to the space, but what I really wanted to share was what is on the door ... (Sorry the pic is blurry. I need to follow my cousin's advice and invest in a tripod.)

Check out what happens when you hang something on the hook ...

My dad (the retired sanitation worker) found him and somehow I ended up with him. I've had the little guy for years and always thought, "Maybe I should get rid of it." but there was something about him. I kinda liked him. Of course, I also considered painting him but I just can't bring myself to do it. So he moved all over the mess. See him here among the disaster?
I was curious about it and started checking him out and found writing in another language on the back. Turns out that its Polish. The owl was handmade in Poland in 1977 but that's all I can make out with Google translator. Maybe he was someones souvenir from a trip? I can't imagine its worth anything, but we joked that we really need to take him to Antiques Roadshow to find out more about him. At least he has a new home now.

We've taken down the cabinets in the first picture so I'll be painting, painting, painting again today. We're expecting 10-18" of snow starting Friday night, so there will most likely be a snow delay in my project since I probably won't be able to shop for new cabinets. Luckily, I have a lot of other things to do here anyway.


  1. What a cute owl! I like him too; sometimes a little kitsch is a good thing. :-) I'm glad you gave him a home. He's sweet.

  2. He's perfect for your fresh newly-painted door, and he's functional.


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