Thursday, March 11, 2010

Your Paint Suggestions!

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who took the time to recommend paint colors. This morning I finally decided these greens weren't going to work and I have to start over. I've been looking around at all the colors you suggested! Here are a few of the specific colors ...

Behr - Mountain Sage
The more I look at this one, the more I love it. But I wonder if its close to the sample I already have.


Laura Ashley - Taupe 3
This is close to what I have now.


Benjamen Moore - Soft Fern
This one actually reminds me of the color we had years ago when our old cabinets were painted white. It was a great color against the white cabinets but our kitchen is so dark that I didn't want to do it again. Maybe a shade lighter on the same chip would work?


There was also a suggestion of doing white. A while ago, I tried and tried to find a white paint. There are so many! I simply could not find one that was the right shade. What I was looking for was one that was like my dining room furniture (Heirloom White Spray paint) or my kitchen island below ...

Seems like that would be easy to match, right? Not so much. My parents use a white paint on their painted furniture and they're coming by so I'm going to try that too. Back to the drawing board today.

Oh, one last thing ... I don't love my new header but I just had to get rid of that snowflake!


  1. I love the color on your island!

  2. melanie,
    i read all the comments from the previous post...and i'm thinking white might be the best choice yet, especially if you love your island color. with all the wood, it would make the cupboards pop (as someone had said). and...especially if you're thinking of changing out your fiestaware , i wouldn't go with a "color". the white sure would make the hobnail and ironstone hen dishes pop too.
    i wish you well...patience is a must with some decorating dilemmas (i know this all too well) will come together eventually and be worth the wait.
    ~judi ;)

  3. If you like the white on your island, why not take out one of the drawers and have Home Depot (or your favorite paint stores) "color match" to it? I've had that done with quite good results.

    IMHO, Mountain Haze is more muted/grayed than the green you posted before but I think you should really evaluate the Mountain Haze up against the wood of your cabinets, not try to judge it against the white ones in the photo. Can you get a small sample? I also really like the BM Soft Fern in the photo but what can I say...I just love greens! :)

  4. LOVE the new header Mel! I don't know if you have your heart set on a color, but I have been using Behr's Country Dairy on one of my clients items and it is such a warm, lovely color. It is definitely one of the more colorful whites.

    If you are looking for more of a color, take a look at Windmill Wings, Feldspar, or topiary tint! I think those would compliment your wood really really well.

    can't wait to see what color you go with!

  5. I love the white on your island!

  6. I just painted my kitchen Behr's Lion and cabinets Behr Cottage White. I'm loving the color combination so far!

  7. I love white kitchens! Just have something special about them!


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