Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby's Breath

A lot of people don't like baby's breath.  Those people are probably thinking of this ...

That's really not my favorite but I like baby's breath and think its misunderstood.  Instead of using them as filler flowers, I just use them alone. 

 Its simple, pretty and inexpensive.  These were about half the price of other flowers and it they will last forever because rather than wilting and dying, it dries and looks exactly the same.  It did the job brightening things up here and I actually like they way they look more interesting than the roses I usually pick up.

I came across this wreath too.  Love it!  Maybe I'll make one of these sometime ...


  1. Hi sweetie!! I recently won the Versatile Blogger award and really wanted to pass it on to your lovely self :0) You can get the button from my blog, upload it and if you'd like post an entry similar to mine. I really do adore your blog! Michelle

  2. I actually love baby's breath. It looks wonderful in your white vase and the wreath is gorgeous! I used to work in a florist and even though I do like baby's breath it is nasty to clean. It stains your hands for days.
    Have a great day!

  3. Great idea! I've always wanted to keep fresh flowers in the house but didn't want to spend the money on your typical bouquet or have to replace them so frequently. This is the perfect alternative

  4. Very pretty! That wreath is fabulous! It would be perfect for both summer and winter, I think!

  5. I do the same thing! I love it by itself.

    It looks gorgeous in that vase and I love that wreath!


  6. Who knew?! I have a whole new respect for baby's breath! Great ideas!

  7. I love the wreath I think we should all try and make where are my crafting supplies:)


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