Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Entry

Remember my paperwhites?  Wow, have they grown!

In case you didn't see them, here's how they looked only 2 weeks ago.

I've since learned that they can grow very tall (obviously) but that this growth can be controlled.  Until today, I actually managed to keep them standing on their own by rotating the pot so that they weren't always leaning toward the light.  They finally got too tall and I had to use the ribbon to tie them today.

The poinsettias are also faux.  I just painted a couple of $3 terra-cotta pots white and dropped them in.  I used to buy white poinsettias every year but thought it was a little wasteful andI hated throwing them away when they inevitably get leggy and ugly.  Plus, I couldn't tell the difference between real and faux without looking up close.

Next experiment ... amaryllis!

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  1. I had no idea that paperwhites grew so fast! I will have to try to grow some next year. Your entry way looks very, very pretty!!

  2. I hope mine grow like that, I just bought some today:) I think the ribbon around them looks so sweet!


  3. Oh my gosh! I didn't realize they would get so tall; now I know what mine are going to look like! :-D
    Mine are starting to get buds!

  4. Hi Melanie,
    I'm just dropping by to give you the Versatile Blogger Award for your amazing blog. Come by my page to pick up your award:)

    Your Christmas decor is gorgeous!! I love the flowers you have.


  5. I only buy red poinsettias and didn't know the white one can also be so gorgeous if put at the right place. This little corner looks so peaceful and wonderful :)

  6. Those are so beautiful! I love the look of paperwhites. I almost named my blog paperwhites! Haha:)


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