Monday, February 15, 2016

Treasures From My Father

My father was a NYC sanitation worker for 25 years.  He always said that he loved garbage ... And he did.  In those years he came across so many things.  Some were useful like maybe a working radio or piece of furniture, some was really what it was intended to be - garbage but some were things you might see at antique stores - vintage lamps, antique radios and cameras, furniture, old irons, vintage fans, clocks, jewelry just to name a few.  My father liked to collect things and there was no convincing him otherwise.  Now that he's gone, the task is ours to sift through everything.  It's a big job, but occasionally, we have come across some interesting things.  Here are a few ...

Addams Family books - not in the best condition, but with their dust jackets.  One is from 1947, and the other is from 1950.
 A cigarette case and matching lighter.  Both are in very good condition.  It's funny because I searched for a cigarette case to use as a business card holder for a while and eventually gave up because they can be quite pricey.  Who knew he had one the whole time.
 Christmas sheet music.

 I'm not sure what I can do with this, but I know they might come in handy for crafts so I thought I'd keep it.
 This last piece is something I've admired for years.  An old typewriter that's been around forever.  I'm not sure of the year, but it's somewhere in the early 1900s.

There's also an old vintage phone that I forgot to take.  Next time.

It's been a trying task going through an entire home of memories.  We laugh at times, we remember him at others and we miss him always.  

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