Thursday, March 12, 2009

I miss my bed ...

This is my bed ...

I remember a time when I'd crawl into bed at night and exclaim to Mr. T that I loved my bed when I streched out on the crisp sheets under my fluffy blanket and drifted off to sleep for the night (7 hours at least). Those are only memories these days. You see, last night I only spent 3 hours in my bed. At 1AM, I got up with my Happy Girl who had a 103 degree fever. It was not a good night for us. Mr T didn't get much sleep either and decided to stay home today so I may just get to spend a little time among all those fluffy pillows if I'm lucky.


  1. Oh! How is your daughter? It reminds me of those days when my kids were your daughter's age. I hope your daughter gets well soon.

  2. Hi Suzie,
    She is 13 months. She finally fell asleep at 8AM and slept for 4 hours. Neither of my girls has ever taken a nap that long but considering how long she was up its not surprising. She woke up happy with no fever. The question is, will I bet getting any sleep tonight?

  3. Hi Melanie, I just love beds all in white or mostly white. If I'm not mistaken I do believe I see that your pretty white shams covers are from targets, if so I bought a lot of those for myself. They were a pretty good deal for battenburg lace. I have some on my bed and also for the couch pillows.

  4. Hi Sandra!
    Yes, they are the Target Euro shams. I absolutely love them and I SO regret not buying more of them when I had the chance. I don't think they sell them anymore!


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