Friday, April 9, 2010

New Birdhouse

This is a little shade garden in my yard that's sprouting. There's a new addition there with the little birdhouse. That bench used to be part of an old picnic table that was eaten by termites. Mr. T cut off the part that was damaged and reattached the legs. Its a perfect here in a spot where I can watch my girls play and think about what I'm going to plant next.

This is the birdhouse I replaced on the post ...

Our yard was an abandoned mess when we moved in. There were almost no plants but plenty of leaves and mud. However, the post with this little birdhouse was there and it wasn't in great shape at the time but it also wasn't in such good shape that any bird in their right mind would want to live in it. It really just looked so sad that I finally decided this year that its time had come.
I think the new one is small, but birdhouses can be so expensive and this was just one I had on hand. At least a bird can be proud to live here now. I plan to paint the post cream eventually.


  1. The shade garden is coming right along and the new birdhouseis wonderful. I think all the birds will love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. How nice to see the plants poking through the soil, ...and I like the new birdhouse, too!

  3. I think your shade garden is just so peaceful and beautiful! The birdhouse is awesome!

  4. I'm glad to see the birds have up-graded from hovel to sweet country cottage.

    Your shade garden is lovely.

  5. Wow! What a garden! I know I can only see a little part of it, but I love what I see. That old tree is beautiful, and the little re-used bench is perfect next to it. The new birdhouse is so sweet, I'm sure you'll have little feathered neighbors in no time.
    Patricia :o)

  6. The birdhouse looks great, and your garden is lovely!

  7. Your garden looks so serene and I love birdhouses...this one is extra cute.


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