Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Day at Biltmore ...

After our long drive the previous day, we set out early for the Biltmore on Thursday morning.  I need to preface this by saying that our visit was on fast-forward.  I only saw a fraction of what was to be seen on the estate just due to the limited amount of time we had here and the fact that were traveling with a 2-year-old and 4-year-old that couldn't care less about history and beauty.

So, there is a big impressive gate as you enter the estate and beautiful shade gardens through the woods.  After a pit stop to get tickets, there's a 3 mile drive up to the parking for the house.  The estate is a lot bigger than I realized.  The drives from location to location on the estate are miles apart ... and the estate is far smaller at 8,000 acres than it was at some 100-something acres it originally was.  Amazing to consider.

We decided to walk through a wooded path rather than take the shuttle to the house.  As we approached, there are some fountains just opposite the house.

Looking the opposite direction, you see ...

At this point, we decided to split up.  My husband (who had already been inside the house before) took our girls so I could go into the house.  I walked up to the house and took some pictures of the beautiful details ...


Now here's a disappointing little fact ... No pictures are allowed inside the house.  It is also very dark in certain areas of the house with curtains drawn and many of the windows are quite small.  I imagine there is no photography and its kept dark for preservation purposes but since I did a fast-forward self-guided tour, I can't say for sure.  I have to admit that its disappointing to spend so much to be left with only memories.

There are audio headsets that are free with admission but with this, the tour was expected to last 2 hours.  I knew that with our girls, I had to move a lot faster than that before they get really bored and decide to let everyone know it - loudly.  I was in and out of the house in 45 minutes.

I headed around the side of the house ....

You can see the amazing view in the distance.  From inside the house, the views of the mountains are spectacular.

One of the small windows I mentioned.

Next, I headed to the gardens. 

I found a little friend on my way.  I know snails are considered pests but we only have shell-less slugs where I live.

More photos to come ...

P.S.  Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!


  1. The Biltmore is an incredible place. I would love to see it. I hope you had a fabulous trip. Hugs, Marty

  2. I would love to do this someday. That is disappointing about not being able to photograph the inside! It looks amazing.


  3. What beautiful place!...I had never heard about it but I have looked for more information and it's relly interesting and has a pretty history.
    Thank you for show it.

  4. This is a lovely place, huh? We don't live too far from Biltmore so we are able to visit quiete often. One thing I would love to do is visit at Christmas time. I don't know if you heard, but they light the trees with real candles and have carolers all throughout the house and grounds. I hope to do this this Christmas!

  5. I wondered if you would be able to take photos inside. Have you tried googling images (for your memories sake, not necesarily the blog). I often buy the book just for that very reason as I have a terrible memory.

    It looks just amazing. I love your photo with the woman statue and the mountains behind. What a fantastic day you had. Maybe down the road, when your daughters are older, you will all be able to tour it together.

  6. Melanie..
    In all my travels, whenever I've encountered the problem of NO PHOTOS ALLOWED, i just picked the best post cards of what I'd wished to photograph..
    and used that in my memory books of once in a lifetime journeys/events. Long before digital came along and we relied on having someone develop our SLR photos, I started doing this. That was a backup plan for all contingencies: bad weather, bad photos, forgotten film or camera, or batteries.. now I just carry an extra memory card and am all set..
    but still enjoy perusing and purchasing the postcards..
    thanks for sharing the beauty of this lovely and historical mansion.
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles..


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