Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Lanterns

I've got several projects going on simultaneously these days.  One of those projects is my second floor hallway.  I didn't feel like the yellow looked right there so its a very pale blue/grey now.  The lighting that's there is the typical dome ceiling lights everyone has.  I don't love those types of lights so I was searching for an alternative.  I actually have a black outdoor lantern in our entryway that I love.  Lanterns can be kind of expensive but rather than stick with indoor lighting, I just got an inexpensive outdoor lantern and I love it.  It picks up the black in the iron of the staircase and hooks on the wall.

Back to the hallway ...
I knew I wanted to do lanterns again, but I wanted white or silver lanterns.  Not so easy to find.  At least not on my thrifty budget and since I was on a budget for these, I never even considered Pottery Barn but went to their website looking for ideas.  I happily found these on clearance!

Sadly, the one on the right was sold out but that would have been my first choice.  I liked the soft curves and that it was just a bit different from the shape of most lanterns.  Not a problem.  I ordered two of the one on the left.

I got them yesterday and was so thrilled when I opened the boxes.  They are gorgeous.  They are much bigger in person than they appear in the photos.  The nickel elements are also very substantial.  They're going to require rewiring in order to hardwire since they're plug-ins but that's not a problem.  A little tidbit about me ... My first engineering job out of college was for a lighting manufacturer. 

Can't wait to get these up!


  1. M~
    how gorgeous..
    the inspiration photo from PB is fabulous!!
    and I cant wait to see your finished project!!
    just beautiful and elegant..
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. The lanterns are gorgeous. Your bedroom is too. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  3. Marty,
    I *wish* that was my bedroom! ;-) That's a photo from the PB website.


  4. Oh, they are so pretty! Can't wait to see photos of them in your home.


  5. Love'em! Can't wait to see them up!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. Those are so pretty. Can't wait to see them up!

  7. So great! Can't wait to see them up! May need to steal the idea! They would look fab in our bedroom too!!

  8. Love the lanterns! I didn't realize you were an engineer - that explains why I love your blog so much!!


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