Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Break

My obsession with blue is well known, but for fall, I was hoping for a change of pace in my dining room.  Last year, I stayed with the pale color palette but this year I wanted to try something different.  In July when I was vacationing in New England, I purchased a couple of aprons.  I just took off the first apron I bought and replaced it with this one which I intended for fall.  This was the starting point.

I stared at it for a couple of days before deciding that I wanted orange curtains.  I had to think about it because I wondered how orange would work with blue walls but a simple google search demonstrated that this color combination does exist and I actually like it. 

Out went the green apples on the buffet and in came the pinecone filled cloche and fall hydrangeas which actually have a reddish hue up close.

I picked up the tablecloth from a vintage linen booth at the D.C. Big Flea over the weekend.  Most of the booth was comprised of the usual white and pastel linens which I love, but I found this one at the bottom of a pile and couldn't leave it behind.  I suspect its not vintage, but the colors were exactly what I wanted and I like the rustic quality of it.  The beeswax candles came from a vendor at another booth. 

I'm working on my hallway and finally hung my lanterns.  They look beautiful!  I'm doing a little paint touch-up but I'll be sharing that next along with more flea market finds. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! I love those curtains with the pale blue walls-stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The curtains work really well with your wall color. Looks lovely.


  3. I love the tablecloth, looks so pretty on your table...everything looks just great for fall!

  4. Love the new look! Just right for Autumn.
    Pale blue will go with anything...just think about the blue, blue sky. :o)

  5. Love the orange curtains and your touches of fall. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  6. I have a weakness for blue too. Those gorgeous chocolate brown curtains with those stunning blue word...divine! Love the creamy furniture too!

  7. I love your wall in pale blue. Your dining hall is so clean, neat and comfy!

  8. This room is so peaceful, calming...a beautiful
    place for a gathering at mealtime! I love the
    apron displayed! Would never have thought of

    Flora Doora

  9. Love the contrast of the orangey-brown drapes with the light blue!


  10. I like the orange with the blue. It is a nice change from all the pastels and will look great when you add pumpkins to the house (as any house with 2 kiddos will be doing).


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