Monday, April 4, 2011

Parade of Homes 2011

Welcome to the Parade of Homes 2011 hosted by Poppies at Play

Note: A few of the images are recycled, but I'm presenting a complete tour so you can see my entire house.

Let's get started ...Here's the outside of my house. 

Let's go inside.  My entry ...

Decorated for Spring ...

My living room has in a  new pale grey paint.  I just finished painting it from the yellow it was previously.  I love yellow, but I was ready for a change.

I also moved the botanical prints I had on either side of the armoir and rotated the desk 90 degrees.  I'm pretty happy with my new blogging space.

The console got a little spring sprucing as well.

On to the dining room ...

As I previously mentioned, I added some green including green curtains.

The botanical prints on the buffet in the photo above are now on the wall in the living room so here's how it looks now.  I picked up the Festival of Flowers wine last year on our trip to The Biltmore.  It seemed appropriate and I may actually drink it when I change over to summer.

Grace, the mannequin also got an costume change.

Next, the Kitchen ...I love my new dish on the fan hood from Pier 1.

Oh, and I painted (again).  The color is now a greyish green which is the color I wanted all along.  The table is in dire need of refinishing thanks to the abuse it's taken from my kids so that's a job planned for the coming months. 

Last stop on the first floor is the half bath off the kitchen.  I have tiny bathrooms that are hard to photograph so I apologize.

Taking a peek outside just off the Kitchen is our Patio ...

Look a little further down and you'll see the shed I painted last summer.

Ahhh, I can't wait until it warms up and looks like that again.  In the meantime, back inside and upstairs ...

The first room is our office ...

The closet in the office is a crafting space.

Down the hallway ...

The main bath.

The Master Bedroom ...

Master Bath

My youngest daughter's room ...

My oldest daughter's room ...

Lastly, way downstairs ...
Basement Family Room

Mantel (sorry for the glare) ...

Next to the fireplace is my mom's old sewing machine ... that still works great!

And, the play area ...

So, that's it for the tour.  And, yes, my house is ALWAYS this perfect.  I swear.

P.S. A huge thank you to Andy from Poppies at Play for including me.  I'm humbled by your invitation and honored to be among the other participants.

Now, on to participant #3 on the list - Dear Lillie


  1. Your home is gorgeous! I love that you have blue walls with green curtains in your dining room. I'm still looking at what color to repaint downstairs. lots of ideas going round.

  2. Your home is beautiful! love all of your paint colors so light and refreshing.. I loved your back yard house the first time I saw it and can't wait to see all your flowers again this summer.
    Thank you for allowing me to stop by for a visit.
    Have a fun day.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  3. Che casa meravigliosa!!!Fresca,tenera e romantica,ordinata.Complimenti!!!Rosetta

  4. I totally love your dining room and your back patio is to die for! I also love those green chairs! Thanks so much for the wonderful tour of your beautiful home!

  5. Your home is just darling and beautifully pulled together. I am envious of your fabulous covered porch out back!
    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Fabulous tour! Your outdoor space is soooo beautiful and that shed stole my heart! And then there's that craft closet... thanks! That was fun!


  7. Everything is very pretty! I love the chicken wire on the shelves in the play area. That is such a fun touch!

  8. i love how everything is so bright and cheery!

  9. Oh love the tredle sewing machine as a front hall table! Your craft closet!..ahhh per joy...and your back yard !...great tour.... Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your home is very beautiful! Love the bright white and the chicken wire? on your storage system. Very very pretty!

  11. Hi Melanie, absolutely love your house. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  12. your home is beautiful - i love it - white is my fave colour xx

  13. Your house is a lot bigger inside than it looks! Beautiful home!!

  14. You have done so much work in your pretty home!! There are so many things to love...I could live in your garden and patio area - it's so charming. You mentioned painting rooms several times - have you also painted some furniture? I especially love the colors and furniture in the dining room!

  15. Everything looks so nice. I love your outdoor space!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing! I love all the blue & greens together one of my favs.~Cheers Kim

  17. So beautiful home! All looks so inviting and cozy! Love your dinning room!


  18. So pretty, Melanie! I love all the colors you've used in your home.

  19. This tour is so much fun! Your home is gorgeous and I especially love the different colors you used. I'm not that brave so I love to see homes with such pretty colors throughout.
    Your dining room is so pretty and love the canopy in your daughter's room. It's all just beautiful!
    Sarah xo

  20. what a beautiful home!

    I am begging you to tell me where you got the long filing cabinet in your office! I am in need of one that is that big, and that would be perfect! thank you so much, and thank you for sharing your home with us!

  21. So lovely and calm - thanks for sharing! Can you tell where you got the book shelves for your daughter's room? I'm looking for a way to display books like that... :)

  22. I so enjoyed this tour, Melanie! Your home is just beautiful...the paint colors making everything very calm and serene {I know that's hard to believe when you have small children!}. Your backyard is just beautiful, too...I love your little potting did a great job jazzing it up!

    I am new to your blog and just started to follow. I hope to see more of your lovely home!


  23. Nelanie:

    Just loved touring your beautiful home.

    What really stands out for me is your use of soothing colors in every room. I felt a calm and peaceful feeling as I strolled through the rooms. Your daughter's room is really wonderful and I'd love to sit in that gorgeous back patio area and have an iced tea.

    Loved the shades of blue you used in your dining area with the great ledge shelving.

    You have created such a wonderful place and safe haven for your family. Isn't that what it's all about?

    Thanks you so much!

    Stsrview Sonnet

  24. Your home is so beautiful and I especially love your dining room!

  25. Melanie, Thanks for the tour. Your home is so beautiful and I love your outdoor space.

  26. You have a lovely home. Such soft, welcoming colors. Thank you for so graciously sharing with us. :)

  27. I've got to say I'm so jealous of your patio and yard!

  28. Melanie your home is so beautiful and has such great flow! I wish I could get my home to be that clean while kids live here!:)

  29. I love how you incorporate the whites in with the darker finishes! I have an earth tone home, but am in love with whites, so this post is great inspiration for me!! Everything looks wonderful!
    Love your paint colors, too!

  30. Hi Melanie - You're home is amazing! I can tell you put a lot of work and love into it. I especially love how you're living and dining rooms look comfortable and inviting and beautiful all at the same time. And your colors are right up my alley! It's great!

  31. Wow~! thank you for sharing your lovely home with us..I love all of the special touches you have used everywhere to make it special. I have to confess to you though that I am now suffering from a serious case of HOSTA ENVY!!!! My favorite room on the entire tour is that little space in the yard where you have created a haven of green lushness with all of the hostas! That one in the background is GYNORMOUS!Did you plant those yourselves??? Oh my goodness that got my attention and I wish I could just snap my fingers and have at least one that big, but that's not the way it works! Wonderful tour...thanks again!

  32. So glad I stumbled on to this house tour. Your home is just lovely and so neat as a pin...even the kids rooms! I think I must go and clean now. thanks for showing us your home

  33. Love your home and the wonderful tour! Your backyard is stunning too! Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Bloomers

  34. I just love the pops of green throughout your home. Thanks for sharing your home.

  35. oh, you have a gorgeous home!!!!

  36. Hi Melanie-

    Love the white mixed with the pine. I think Grace looks extra special nice in her new duds, too.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us.
    My best- Diane

  37. Your house is beautiful. You've done an amazing job with it. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Your house is so lovely! I'm really liking the new grey paint in the living room and the touch of green (the curtains!) in your dining room.

  39. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us. The different shades of pale blue and green are so pretty. Love your little desk area for blogging. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  40. Thanks for your tour! Your home is so chock full of charm, character and loveliness! Love the book ledge in your youngest daughter's room. What a wonderful idea - I need a space saver like that!

  41. What a beautiful home you should be so proud of it! I loved the tour. I believe that your home is always perfect. Thanks so much for inviting us in.

  42. What a fantastic house tour. I've seen most of your house in other photos, but it looks especially lovely one photo after another in the tour. I love the new grey in the living room and the touches of green in the dining room.

  43. Beautiful and so warm and perfect. Even your childrens play area, not a thing out of place.
    You know after visiting me a very close friend once said "Ya know your home is so perfect it doesn't look LIVED looks staged"
    I then learned, There's a difference in a well decorated house and a home.

  44. I love your home! I am doing a playroom for my child and I was wondering where you got your playroom shelves and storage cubes?! I have been looking all over for ones just like that...Love them!

  45. Hi, I am dalyse, yr house is amazing like a palace, wow. gorgeous.
    Today I am making a post about Crafts Rooms and I am including yr craft area on it. Here is the link in my blog in case you have a time to visit and share some love.

    rgds, dalyse

  46. Just found your blog...Your home is gorgeous!! I am your newest follower:-)


  47. Beautiful home, thought I spotted some Ikea in your office, looks like a Sm├ądal cabinet.
    A very practical piece of furniture , we actually have 3 of them in our house.

    Regards, the swedish Ikealady


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