My Cottage

We purchased our home in 2003.  It was bright yellow with green trim on a street of more conservative-looking white houses.  The inside left much to be desired with all the outdated features.  Still, I liked the style and layout of the house so we purchased it.  11 years later, there isn't a single space that hasn't been touched in some way.  Some have been made over multiple times.  My home is always changing but here are some relatively recent photos.

Exterior - Okay, so it's not a cottage.  I do wish it was!

Living Room ...

Dining Room
(Behr - Carribbean Mist)

Half Bath

(Martha Stewart - Heavy Cream)

My bedroom ...

Main Bath
(Behr - Pewter Vase)

(Behr - Cool Jazz)

Master Bath
(Behr - Celery Sprig)

2-year-old Room
(Behr - Cumberland Fog)

4-year-old Room
(Behr - Winsome Rose)

I consider this the least finished space in the house (to me at least).  There's still a lot more I'd like to do here including a new sectional and painting furniture.  Eventually ...

My mom's old sewing machine ... that still works great!

Play area in Basement

Laundry Room