Monday, January 26, 2009

First Blog Post!

So, I've been getting magazines for years and kept an inspiration book of things that caught my eye. I like the projects that take an old, sad-looking piece of furniture and give it a new life with paint. Having 2 girls under 3 has kept me busy for the past few years so doing things like this have taken a back seat. However, I recently took the time to go to some local thrift stores and couldn't believe the treasures! I told my husband that I couldn't believe we'd spent so much on new furniture when we could spend a fraction for such great things. My thrifty husband seems to like the idea of less expensive furniture as well. So, I ended up buying two arm chairs that I will paint and recover the seats to use with 2 desks. So comfortable and they are going to look great.

This brings me to the old secretary. I have a secretary that belonged to my great-grandmother. My mom is very sentimental about this piece and would never let me touch it, but she's since agreed to let me paint it. The finish is in bad shape and I thought it would look great painted. As luck would have it, the February issue of Romantic Homes has the EXACT same piece already refinished!

Unfortunately, I have to wait until the weather is warmer to start this project so that I can sand outside. In the meantime, I'll be working on the desk, chairs and some other items I want to paint.

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  1. Hi, This is something I have always wanted for the living room, this piece is gorgeous. Who wants to buy new furniture when you can find so many old pieces or new for that matter at a very reasonable price. I only wish I could of thought of that years ago when I got married.

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