Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The After-math ...

Here is my dining room now. From red - which wasn't bad, but being home all the time made me feel like I was living in a cave - to blue. I plan to refinish the table this summer. I'm thinking of painting the chairs and legs of the table white and staining the top of the table to match the buffet. Oh, and obviously, I have to recover the chair seats with another fabric. I actually have a blue and white cotton damask I might use. I wanted to do a crystal chandelier too, but now I'm not sure about that. I want comfortable and relaxed and not overdone. I have to think about it.

This is a tapestry we got on our first anniversary trip in London. It has blues in it so I thought it might look ok, but I'm not sure now. Still deciding if it should stay.

And the jewelry box ...

This is the top with the added appliques. (Sorry its sideways. No matter what I did, I couldn't rotate it for some reason.)

This is the inside (which came that way).

I think the jewelry box is more appropriate for a little girl now yet still appropriate for a big girl (like mom) so I'm going to do 2 more - one for me and one for the Wild One.


  1. LOVE the new color! I can't wait to see the table and chairs when they are done~

    And the jewellery box turned out fantastic!

  2. I think the table and chairs in white plus the crystal chandelier would look great! I love the paint color-it's much softer than red which is somewhat overdone today.

  3. Your dining room looks great. Love the blue - so light and airy!


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