Monday, February 23, 2009

At work today ...

I'm not at home today so I can't post do a home post today. However, on a more personal note I was remembering this from a year ago.

I was shocked when I saw that picture. I was a size 14. Before the Wild One was born, I was a size 6. I managed to get down to a size 8 before #2 was on board. Granted, that picture was taken only a week after the Happy One was born, but no one really needs to gain 60 lbs. with a pregnancy. I only had an 8 lb. baby! I ate too much. I knew it and I took full responsibility for that. Now, what to do about it? Weight Watchers worked for me before and that was my plan before I even gave birth. Here I am 3 months later.

I don't have an updated picture, but I lost 1 more size after that picture was taken and am now happy to be back in size 6. The Happy One just celebrated her first birthday and so its been a year since picture number 1 and I've maintained my weight loss. I'd love to lose another 10 lbs. but I like food too much so I'm happy where I am. I always like weight loss before/afters so I thought I'd share that (as horrific as that first picture is to me).


  1. How amazing you lost all the baby weight, good for you! I too gained 60 lbs w/ my last son and here we are 21 years later and still can't lose. I wish I could but that old Thyroid just won't let me, but it's not because I don't try. Have a great week, Theresa

  2. Thank you!

    I had a tough time after #1 was born losing weight and I've heard of other people having thyroid issues after children so I have wondered if all the changes during pregnancy throws some people off.

  3. You go girl!!!!I'm 51 and still trying to loose all the baby weight from baby #5.LOL He's 20.So I don't know ~~could happen if I try a little harder,have lost from an 18 to a 14. I guess that's not too bad!!But it does get harder as you get older.ANYWAYYYYY~~~~GOOD JOB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!Blessings, Deborah

  4. Hi, Melanie!!!
    I'm sorry Melanie! I tried to post my comments yesterday on your blog, but i kept getting error message and it wouldn't let me post my comments.
    Thank you! You are the first follwer of my blog.:D I'm still trying to learn how to blog and I don't even know how to put pretty blog backaround like yours. I love your backaround!!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog yesterday.
    You look great! I'm a tea drinker especially the green tea. Drinking green tea doesn't make me lose weight, but it sure helps maintain my weight.
    Keep up the good work,Melanie!!!
    Have a great day!


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