Monday, February 2, 2009

Dining room dreams ...

Recently, I've taken over our laundry room with my projects much to the dismay of the Husband who can't stand the disarray. I use "laundry room" loosely because although our washer and dryer are in the room, it is a multi-purpose space consisting of a drink fridge, freezer, furnace, storage area, etc. So, Husband got to work dreaming up a reorganized space with new cabinetry, shelving and a work table. When he proposed the project to me, I was suprised by the cost and vetoed. (He says the space is for me, but I know he secretly wants it for himself!)

Later that day, I left Husband with the girls and disappeared to do some shopping and was gone longer than anticipated. On the way home, I started thinking of how good Husband is to just let me take-off while he spends his day at home with 2 crazy girls (who we adore but who whine from 6AM-8PM every day!) when time to ourselves is a rare event. I started thinking of the laundry room he wanted and then I started thinking of our tax return. We are getting a nice refund and we had plans for the refund, but we're getting more than anticipated. The difference in the amount I thought we would get and what we're actually getting is slightly more than the cost of the laundry room project.

When I got home, I told Husband how much I appreciated his watching the girls when I'm sure he wanted time to himelf as well and told him about using the tax return. He didn't want it! So this morning, he changed his mind. ;-) One caveat ... if he gets a redone laundry room, I get my bargain chandelier for the dining room. He agreed! Yay!

So, these are old pictures of my dining room ...

I've had red rooms for years and I'm over it. Plus, the room is on the shady side of the house and the dark paint doesn't help. I want to paint it light blue (Behr - Caribbean Mist). And, of course, my chandelier ...

Oooh, its going to look purty!!

I also refinished my large frame (painted white and distressed) and I love how it turned out. I just have to purchase the mirror to go in it now and hang it (haven't decided where). I've also been busy making tassels and ornaments. I'll post pictures when I complete them.


  1. I'm a decorator and just recently painted our diningroom a pale shade of blue. I had white sconces in there that I painted black and have a pretty iron chandalier that looks black. They are 2 very popular colors together and look great. I'm also going to put up 2 adorable black shelves from Ballard Designs.
    On my blog, there is a background picture of my dining room in my Xmas Cookie Exchange post; maybe you can see it:)

  2. I am completely lost for words! Your just amazing talent lady. I thought that dining room photo was from the magazine. WOW!!
    I have to work now..hahahaha
    I'm at work right now. I start my job at 6:ooAM
    Have a great one!!


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