Friday, February 13, 2009

Maryland Renn Fest ...

Growing up in NY, I always asked my parents if we could go to the NY Renn Fest, but I was always denied. So, The first time I went to the MD Renaissance Festival with Mr. T, I absolutely loved it. A childhood wish fulfilled! Since that first time, it became a fall tradition for us. Its become increasingly difficult to attend with two children in tow now, but we've always managed to go somehow.

I know the festival is in the fall but I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary in May so I've been thinking of my wedding and my most treasured purchase from the festival - My wedding ring ...

I can't convey how much I love my ring. Its not covered with diamonds. Its copper and silver, not gold or platinum and at a mere $6 (if I remember correctly) it was hardly a wallet buster, but it is meaningful. I remember the day we bought it along with another copper/silver ring different in design for Mr.T. Outside the booth it was a beautiful day as we strolled the aisles of booths looking for the perfect rings when we found the perfect ones. Right after our purchase, we went right to the next booth to buy a small leather pouch to carry them. I remember that same pouch emerging from the best man's pocket on our wedding day for the exchange of rings. Of course, I was so happy to put it on on my wedding day. Do people have memories like that for jewelry store rings that cost a small fortune? I'd rather have my memorable ring than an expensive one.

Another favorite stop is Allen Ye Printmaker from Replica Prints. His shop is just inside the gates and its always the first place I go. I love to look at his work. And the frames really enhance the prints as well. (Sorry some of these pictures are blurry/have glares/etc. I try, but I'm no pro photographer. My photos truly don't do these pieces justice.) This is the first one I purchased called Apple Harvest which hangs in our entryway.

This one is in my half-bath and is titled Medieval London.

Close up ...

And here's the last one I purchased for the Happy One's room. It hangs right above her crib.

Also, on the back of each print is the title and some of the history of the print.

I'm running out of wall space to buy more but this year like every year since the first, it will still be my first stop.

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