Sunday, March 22, 2009

A couple of little things to share ...

I really wanted a white rug for my bedroom. But, white. Pretty, but gets so dirty and I didn't want to bother with professional cleaning. I wondered if they made machine washable rugs by any chance and searched all over online. I like all things machine washable. I actually found some, but as usual, they didn't meet my thrifty limit. The other day, guess what I found in Target?

Its a little small, but I suppose you can only make it so big to fit in a washing machine. I'm thinking of buying a couple more for either side of the bed. They're so soft! Happy Girl threw herself down on it and crawled all over it when I put it down.

And, I finally finished this little feathered friend for the armoir in the bedroom. Happy Spring!

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  1. Great idea...yes white does get dirty! Very fresh and clean look...and I love your little spring bird!


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