Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Master Bath ...

Since the topic lately has been redecorating our Master Bedroom, I thought I'd post pictures of our Master Bath remodel that Mr. T and I did almost entirely ourselves. Its kind of amusing to even call it a master bath because its so tiny.

When we moved into our house, it needed A LOT of work. I could go on and on on all that we did but other than having new windows installed, it was all cosmetic like painting and ripping out carpets. We had an original salmony-pink sink and toilet and a very old shower in our master bath.

We did some simple fixes like replacing some not-so-nice open shelf with a cabinet, a new light fixture and a new medicine cabinet. The sink and toilet ere ugly, but it could wait ... or so we thought.

So, one day, we noticed a tiny water spot on our kitchen ceiling. We thought it was no big deal. A leaky pipe or something a plumber could fix. Well, it seems like every home improvement project ends up being a can of worms and this one certainly fit the bill. One weekend, Mr. T opened up the ceiling to investigate the source of the leak. The discovery was a slow leak coming from the shower pan that had been going on a LONG time, and mold. That discovery led to this ...

This was an original 60s bathroom so all the tile was set in mortar. The mess and dust was incredible. Below is the source of the leak. The shower pan was a concrete-sort of material with a METAL rim. Of course, the metal corroded and the water just started leaking behind the shower and into the floor, onto the beams and eventually onto the kitchen ceiling. Oh, and how could I forget? All that moisture also meant carpenter ants feasting on the wood.

Here is some progress. Carpenter ants gone, floor repaired ...

More progress ... Cement board installed and ready for tile. We got a plumber to install the shower pan. Rather than a tile floor, I decided on a wood laminate. It has a warmer feel than tile and I really like it. Its also very easy to clean.

Tile in progress and a white toilet ...

Finished product ...

EDIT: Someone asked for tile detail in the comments so here it is. It might be hard to see, but the blue tile is actually glass. We got them from Home Depot. It was very easy to add this detail. I would recommend that anyone do this if they're retiling themselves. It isn't expensive and it adds a lot.

Our main bath still has a salmony-pink sink, toilet and tub. We're planning on doing a much simpler remodel this year (tax refund!).


  1. Beautiful!!! What a mess at first, but what a fantastic job you did. I bet it took a while to get it all done-now you can rest and enjoy your lovely bathroom! Congratulations!!!

  2. It looks should be very proud! I would love to see a close up pic of the accent tiles in the shower.

  3. Thanks for sharing! So inspirational. We have 3 1/2 baths to conquer. I'm having a hard time picking out tile/etc. I love what you've done! :)

  4. Thank you all!

    Kathy, I added an accent tile picture for you.

  5. Thanks for sharing! It looks great!
    My old bathroom looked like similar to your old one.The bathroom with pink everything!:) our remodeled new bathroom doesn't look as good as yours.

  6. Your bathroom may be small, but boy does it look WONDERFUL. Very well done. Our bathroom was awful, and we rent our home, so my husband and I did some work in our bathroom. We had a orangy colored tub and toilet. It looked bad, so we painted the tub and got a new toilet. Of course other changes needed to be done, and now the bathroom is great. One day I'll post about our bathroom too.

    Have a Great Day!

  7. Your bathroom is spectacular! What a transformation! The glass titles add just the detail too!

  8. OH my gosh! What a mess!!! But the finished project was sooo awesome1 You guys did a great job.


  9. Love the finished product. I would love to know the paint color, too. I LOVE that green!


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