Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the subject of cheesecake ...

Yesterday, I showed my homemade cheesecake on my pretty dishes. I thought I'd post how that came about especially since I don't love to cook. Its not that I can't cook. I'm actually a pretty good cook generally but I hate the mess it creates. However, sometimes I'm inspired and I start whipping things up in the kitchen. As soon as the cooking whirlwind starts, its over.

Anyway, when Everyday Food came out, I got the first issue (since I was a Living subscriber). Its a cute little magazine and the recipes are so simple and GOOD compared to the more complicated ingredients and instructions in Living. I always meant to subscribe and never did, but I recently got a great deal and couldn't resist. So, this months issue ...

... had a cheesecake recipe.

I've made cheesecake before. I should say I've tried. I've never had any luck. The texture isn't right. The flavor isn't right. Its always something and I hated wasting all that cream cheese! I gave up, but here it was in my never fail magazine. I had to try again. So, out came the mixer and in went the ingredients. Just as I was pouring the batter into the pan, I realized I'd forgotten that the mixer doesn't reach the bottom of the bowl and I hadn't scraped it. Oh, well. Too late now. I put it in the oven.

I couldn't help but find it amusing when at the end of nearly 2 hours when I pulled it out, it looked like one of the pictures shown in the magazine of how it should NOT look! The bumps were just the result of the unmixed batter.

No big deal. The important part - how does it taste?

DELICIOUS!!! Mr. T says it was so good, it taste like it was store bought. Success! Now, I just need to remember to scrape the bowl next time!

Thank goodness for coffee this morning. Happy Girl just wanted to be held and touch my hair and face from 2:30-3:30AM which is unusual since she's never really liked being held. Moments like that are so painful when you're struggling to keep your eyes open but at the same time I cherish the quiet middle-of-the-night memories when its just us together. Wild Girl is sick so no school today. Its going to be a long day.

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