Friday, March 6, 2009

Pillow and Plans for the weekend ...

Before babies, Mr. T and I used to travel a lot. We used to go to my parents rustic cabin in Northern Vermont every year the week of President's Day in February. We usually spent a few days skiing but one year, it was so frigid that high temps were in the single digits. It was way too cold to consider skiing on the mountain where temps at the summit were below zero. That's not my idea of fun. So, what to do while waiting for the weather to break? We did some sightsseeing and decided to go to Canada since at the time neither of us had ever been out of the country. I just wanted to see what it was like. We couldn't go to Montreal or Quebec city because I had a dog at the time that couldn't be left unattended for too long. So we looked at a map and found a city just over the border. On the drive there, it was fun for us sheltered Americans to see the signs change from English and miles to French and kilometers and a KFC called a PFK (what does that stand for??). The town we went to was really nothing special but I found the cutest little shop and just had to buy something. This pillow was what I ended up with.
It is a simple white slipcovered pillow with "I love you" written in all different languages in the shape of a heart.

I really love its simplicity and especially that its a slipcover rather than just a stuffed pillow. I love that you can wash slipcovers. I always thought it looked simple and wondered if I could make one myself. So, last night, I decided to make the attempt to duplicate the Canada pillow with some eyelet fabric I purchased not long ago and I'm so happy with the result!

I actually like the pillow I made better than the one I bought. The one I purchased has the opening on the side so its kinda floppy on that side, whereas I put the opening in the middle of the back like most shams have them. I also made the trim 1/2" smaller and I think that looks a little better too.

Now that I've made one, the possibilities are endless! As I said, I love that slipcovers can be washed and the reason is the 2 monkeys. Eveyone seems to have dupioni silk pillows these days and so do I. It didn't take me long to realize that this fabric is just not for me. For one, I'm tired of seeing it everywhere. Besides that, its not washable and my girls have destroyed mine with juice and other mysterious messes. So, I'm going to replace all the silk with simple, washable cotton.

On to my weekend plans ... I had actually planned to go visit the 'rents in Delaware with the whole tribe to see how things are progressing and to drop off some things I picked up for them (not a lot of shopping options near their house). Well, its going to be in the 70s here this weekend and my garden needs some tidying up. I still planned to go to DE and just do my garden clean up on Sunday when I got home but then, I saw something in the home section of the paper that caught my eye ... the D.C. Big Flea Market. I had come across this a while ago, but I forgot about it. I've actually never been to a flea market (thrift stores are more convenient for me) and this is supposed to be the biggest one in the area with 1100 booths. Plans changed! I called my parents and told them that I would come next weekend and after thinking about it, I invited them to come with me! This way, they will be able to get their things, keep me company and possibly go home with some other treasures. So, that's my plan for bright and early tomorrow morning. We're supposed to have amazing weather this weekend too. I can't wait!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love anything slipcovered too, and your so right with yours looking so much better than the other one. I'm not just saying this, I do however liked the heart with the different languages saying I love you.

    I myself can't sew worth a darn! You did a great job!

  2. I love you wedding pillow! it looks so crisp and clean. Good luck with the flea market... we don't have a decent one for miles and miles here in PHX.


  3. Wow! Enjoy,Tracy! make sure to wear a comfortable shoes. I'm going to The Rose Bowl Flea market tomorrow. It's a monthly thing with my friends. I hope you find lots of good deals and have fun fun fun! :D

  4. I go to the DC big flea all the time! I just found your blog, fromt he Charm House link....we must be neighbors!


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