Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Magazine Organization

I love getting mail in general and stalk the mail carrier. I particularly love getting packages or my magazines. I love blogs and such but find it exciting to see beautiful new things in print. So, I keep all the magazines in a small basket.

When the pile gets too big (usually once every month or two), I take all magazines except for the most recent and I go through them pulling out only the articles that interest me most. After that, I sort the articles by subject and put them in clear sleeves.

Then, I put the sleeves in a binder depending on the subject.

Doing this keeps the clutter from getting out of control. The other night, I took a pile of about 15-20 magazines and reduced it to what was about the size of 1 magazine. Plus, its nice to be able to pull out the binder for a little inspiration of specifically what interests YOU without having to flip through a million pages. Over time, I just forget all the articles and pictures so its like I always have something new to look at. The binders and sleeves are just inexpensive items I got at Walmart. I could do more and further organize the articles with tabs, but I'm lucky I have the time to do even this.

Oh, and I don't get rid of all my magazines. Sometimes there are magazines where I love too many of the articles (such as Martha Stewart's March gardening issues) so those I keep.


  1. Good morning, Melanie!
    You are one of my daily inspiration!!!
    My magazines are totally out of control that i needed to do something, but I didn't even know where or what to start other than just to get rid of some of them. Now you got me an idea!!
    Thank you, Melanie, as always!
    Have a good one!

  2. Great idea. Deffinately will be using this one!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How great that you do this often. I only purge when I am fed up with the clutter. Great idea to use more than one binder.

  4. Very Smart! I save my favorites too!

  5. Great Idea!! I have a friend who has done this for years and everytime she brought them up to the store it was like Christmas!!! It is like looking at a new magazine all over again even though it is from photos we had previously seen. Love Tiina...

  6. Oh my gosh.......I am SOOOO impressed. Finally a solution to that nasty problem. I've tried a hundred (ok....that's an exageration) different ways to make sense of those bits and now I have a plan! AWESOME. I will be borrowing this hot idea.



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