Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shade Garden

I redid this area of my shade garden last week.

I removed a giant hosta and filled the area with other plants - I did this between downpours so I was in a hurry and didn't take a before picture, but the area where all the hosta was I filled with coleus, dwarf irises, jacob's ladder and woodland phlox.

The hosta I removed was large enough for me to split multiple times to line a path.

Everything looks kinda droopy especially with the rain, but I can't wait to see how everything grows in.

The garden is in pretty good shape now and I don't have so much left to do that I'm as overwhelmed out there (although a gardener's work is never done!). However, I have so much to do this week I'm not sure how it will get done. My family is visiting Thursday (have to make lunch and dinner), my in-laws are spending the weekend, my sister-in-law is visiting Saturday, Friday is my anniversary (yay!) and I have done ... nothing to prepare for any of these things. Oh, and I have to figure out some snack to bring for Wild One's preschool class for tomorrow.



  1. I enjoyed your garden update but then I fell asleep after you described your upcoming weekend. lol...I'm tired!

  2. I'm so envious! Love your garden!

  3. I have a shade garden as well.....I have a lot of ferns in it....I just love how delicate they look....They picture of you and your girls is just adorable....thye are sooooo cute....glad you had a great Mother's Day....
    Mo :-)


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