Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thrift Store Silver

Every once in a while I come across silver when I'm out on my treasure hunts. I came across a round tray that I thought might be nice for my cloche but it was so black and that I wondered if it was silver. For $6 I decided to take a chance. Here it is after A LOT of elbow grease (and polish). Its still a little tarnished, but I've run out of polishing steam at the moment.

I've also picked up some silverware including these small forks (for escargot perhaps?) ... They were only $3.50 and looked a little sad in the case so they came home with me.

My favorite things are not simple silverware but goodies like this tea strainer ...

... this candle snuffer ...

... and serving pieces. It seems that when we entertain, I never have enough serving pieces.

I know a lot of people like the tarnish, but I think its fun to uncover some of the shine beneath. I haven't had a chance to, but I like looking up the patterns to see how old they are.

I have no plans for treasure hunting this weekend unfortunately. My plans for the weekend are to try to wrap up some of the painting projects I haven't completed like the kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom (both of which needed some drywall repair). Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Oh I love your silver pieces. They are just gorgeous. I think the look of finely polished silver is so pretty and reminds me of grander times when tables were set for elegant meals. I love all the gorgeous serving pieces you found. Not the ordinary things and all so pretty. Isn't it fun to find a treasure. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love,Love ,Love tarnished silver. I used to wonder why women would never clean it so it would be shiny..Now the more tarnished the better for me...Love your silver collections....Hugzzz...Tiina..

  3. I love your finds.. I have many silver pieces and I never polish it... i do like the shine.. maybe i should! Happy Memorial Day to ya!

  4. Great finds and pretty silver!

    Good luck with the painting! :)

  5. Great finds! I love silver...and you have some lovely treasures! Susan


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