Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tomorrow is my anniversary ...

As I mentioned in a previous post, we're going to be very busy with guests for the next few days. Our anniversary is tomorrow and its become a bit of a joke the past few years. Our first anniversary was spent in Paris.

On the eve of that anniversary, we were in a little bistro together and our wedding song came on. What are the chances? (I'll have it playing on the blog just for the next few days in case anyone out there hates blog music.).

It is the second-most romantic memory I have (the first being our first kiss on the street on the Annapolis waterfront just after midnight on New Years).

So anyway, the following year, we had a 3 week old colicky newborn on our hands. On top of that, my grandmother decided to come spend the week without even asking if it was okay. Hardly romantic. Since then, its been one thing or another and we also don't have the luxury of family nearby or anyone who can babysit without it being more of a hassle than its worth so anniversaries are not typically marked with any significant gestures these days. Honestly, I dream of the days of Paris, but I also know that I really have the best life a girl could ever want and having known the unhappiness of what a bad marriage is, what I have now is gift enough for me.

This year however, I think Mr. T was a little sad that we wouldn't be able to celebrate 5 years. So, I decided to try to do something special last night after the girls were in bed. Before we got married, we'd light up our outdoor fireplace all the time, have dessert and just talk. We haven't done that in years. So, I went to a bakery that we love and got some beautiful pastries ...

... and flowers. Then, I lit the fireplace, and candles all while Mr. T was occupied with a hockey game.

It wasn't Paris, but it was just us and it made Mr. T smile. Besides, how can you ever top Paris?

I laughed when I saw this picture after uploading it ...

The ball in the distance. Evidence that romance takes a little extra effort these days.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the outdoor scene...

  2. That is so romantic that your wedding song played at a cafe in Paris. I think you did a wonderful job of doing something a little special for your anniversary with the dessert party-for-2 in the backyard. I always try and do a little something to celebrate as every anniversary is an important reminder that you are still together and loving each other and that is a rare thing these days. We've been married for 28 years now so we have had our share of fancy celebrations and low-key ones too. Happy Anniversary


  3. I love the ball in the background :)

    Great blog!


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