Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Things I Love

Evy from Greens and Crafts tagged me for this.

Rules of the game:
~List six unimportant things that make you happy;

~Mention and link to the person who tagged you;

~Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along , and comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Now, my 6 things ...

1. First and foremost, my family. I wake up every day and even if I'm tired, cranky, sick, etc. I think of how lucky I am to be happily married and being a mother is a true gift. I am blessed.

2. My Garden. Everyone (well, most people) have a passion and that's mine. Digging in the earth makes me feel alive. I can't think of anything more satisfying than putting a flower in the ground and being rewarded with watching it thrive.

3. Dawn. When the Wild One was born, she cried a lot and slept only a little. She would wake up for the day around 4:30. (Only within the past month or so at age 3 has she started sleeping until 6AM.) For the longest time, I agonized over how to fix it, tried every suggestion imaginable all to no avail. Over time, I accepted it (even if I didn't like it). Now I love waking up before the sun is up and watching as the light slowly fills the new day. Its a quiet peaceful time. A new start.

4. Old things. I love going out and finding something buried in other junk covered in dirt, bringing it home, cleaning it and giving it a new life when it would otherwise be discarded.

5. Autumn in the Mountains. Oh, how I love the mountains! Autumn is my favorite season. The chill in the air, Halloween, pumpkin and apple picking. Love it!

6. That brings me to my last one - Snow! I love snow as much as I look forward to my garden in spring. Funny, right? I know a lot of people hate snow, but I just love how it blankets everything in white and makes homes look so cozy. My parents have a cabin in Northern VT on 9 acres and its the most wonderful place. So serene with nothing but nature surrounding you. When it snows, its as if you're surrounded by a white pillow and its so quiet. The cabin is not my dream home, but the setting certainly is. Mr. T and I love to ski and snowmobile too. Since having kids and living in VA, its something that we haven't done in a long time and really miss. This is probably crazy, but I love going shopping in the snow. Stores are empty around here because everyone (except me!) stays home.

Now, 6 people to tag. This one is tough with all the great blogs out there so I chose from the last few to leave me comments.

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Potting bench ~ Not done! It was pouring rain all day yesterday and with the high humidity, the paint just wasn't drying so its taking longer than usual. Its pouring again today so I'm not sure how much progress I'll make. I hope to be able to post the finished product by Monday. It really looks fabulous and I'm so happy with how its turning out!

Have a great weekend!

(EDIT: I obviously don't read very carefully because I just realized that I was supposed to list unimportant things. Obviously, I wouldn't classify my girls as "unimportant"! LOL)


  1. How fun, thanks for thinking of me. I will have to give this some thought, then I will do a post with this and a couple others. Thanks for thinking of me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love your answers!

    I also love snow, but I really wish we didn't have to have it in the city, especially since I use public transport. Oh, and old things - Luve those, too!

  3. Fun post and fun to learn new things about you! The photos are beautiful!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. I love to read your posts. Sorry for not playing the game. Oh, shame on me....Sandi

  5. I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you! We share many things in common especially our love for gardening! The snow I can do without though!


  6. i've been out of town Melanie, so I didn't get your tag until this morning! i'm off to answer... adrienne


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