Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rug is here!

Mr. T called me yesterday to tell me that my rug had already arrived. He put it down for me and I just got home not long ago and saw it. I love it!

It does exactly what I hoped it would - break up the blue floor. Doesn't it make a huge difference compared to before?

Don't forget about the rug giveaway that ends Friday in case you haven't entered!

I had a great weekend with my girls. I got quite a few things in DE. I love shopping there! I'll share some of what I got this week, but I got a few furniture pieces that I need my parents to bring over for me (including a beautiful french desk!) that I won't be able to post until they visit.


  1. I love the rug,it definitely anchors the space, but the rug aside, what a fabulous porch!

  2. Your rug completes your space. Your entire porch area is gorgeous! Great job! I love it!

  3. The rug makes the porch look distinctly different and adds such a nice spot of color under the table - I agree it really helps break up the blue floor.


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