Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Dilemma ...

Yesterday I got this booklet in the mail that I so look forward to twice a year. It has all kinds of local classes ... from business, and computers to cake decorating and sewing. There was even one on how to start a Blogger blog. I think I can skip that one. ;-)

One class caught my eye. Medieval Illuminations. I have always loved these. Don't know what they are? Here are a few ...

Aren't they spectacular? I really love the initials ...

The Book of Kells is one very famous illuminated text.

This is an "O". Who knew a simple letter could be so beautiful?

Another famous one ... The Book of Hours. Isn't it incredible?

I actually painted a letter like this above the crib in the nursery ... I did it when I was pregnant with my first baby and even though, we moved her to another room, I didn't have the heart to paint over it so I just covered it with a picture. Its still there!

One problem. I have no artistic talent whatsoever and wonder if there is drawing involved or if its just the coloring that's taught. I saw a video of someone doing this here and while its fascinating, it is very labor intesive. I don't see myself taking this class because I'm afraid it may be way over my head, but I do love to admire these beautiful pieces of art.
(All photos Wikipedia)


  1. You never know until you try! Illuminated writings are gorgeous, what have you got to lose? You may just learn a new technique or two that you can use on other things:)

  2. Oh, I would take that class! If you look closely at medieval examples, you can see that many of them were not done by people with much technical artistic talent. But they are still beautiful! I wrote a letter to a friend once that I illuminated this way. I'm sure that if you take the class, you'll be happy with your results.

  3. Beautiful! Take the class - then draw them for all of your friends, friend. lol I love the "initial" ones too. :)

  4. I'd say take the class - like Gwen up top said, you never know until you try! It might, in fact, unlock a very hidden self in you, and you might yet make some of the best Medieval Illuminations out there! Besides, it'll be fun and entertaining. I myself signed up for a ceramics class, where I will need to draw a little and work with proportions... and I am no good at that, but I'll try it anyway. Go for it, I think you'll have a blast!


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