Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom Party

I keep seeing participants for this party and haven't posted because I've posted about my heirlooms in the past, but I have given up resisting! ;-) I have two heirlooms. Both belonged to my greatgrandmother. The first is the secretary in my dining room.

My mom had this piece in her house for years but she didn't have room for it. When we moved to our current home, we had tons of space. Some rooms were empty! Not so much anymore with the addition of 2 more people. I recently moved it to my dining room and it holds some of my milk glass.

The second are my great-grandmother's costume jewelry collection. Again, my mom had these for years and gave me the boxes looking like this ...

It took me a couple of hours just to unravel the mess, match up earrings, sort it all, etc. but I did find some pretty things.

Check out the other heirlooms at Emma Calls Me Mama! Thanks for hosting Marie!


  1. I've always loved secretaries; yours is really nice with your collection displayed in it. And the neat! Glad you shared your treasures with us.


  2. What a nice cabinet. I bet you had fun sorting through the jewelry.


  3. I have a very similar cabinet to your's a china cabinet which also has a matching desk, that the top folds open on to make a card table...I love having my grandmother's pieces :-)

  4. Of course I love your secretary and how awesome to have something from your grandmother along with so many pretty treasures! :)

  5. that last necklace is fantastic!

  6. Hello Melanie - thank you for joining the party! I so love your secretary. The cool scroll-y design on the top and the neat designs on the doors. You have a beautiful collection of milk glass! Love the vase! And oh my, you lucked out with your great-gramma's costume jewelry. Wow, they don't make things like they used to! How fun it must have been when you first received it, seeing what kinds of treasures were inside the box. I especially love the first necklace!


  7. Your cabinet is lovely, and I love the glass you have inside. Very nice!

  8. Well, I'm glad you decided to post them, so that those of us that haven't seen your heirlooms could :)

    Gorgeous secretary and jewelry!!


  9. Beautiful jewelry pieces, I'd totally wear them!


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