Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lavender Fields

The other day, I was going through my bookmarks and when I clicked on one link, I fell in love! Blue, green and white are my favorite colors and the furniture at Lavender Fields is all the perfect shades.

I asked Mr. T how he would feel about me painting our armoir and side tables these shades. Neither of us love the pine armoir so he agreed to that, but I still have to work on him with the end tables! ;-)

And this dining set ....

I have a similar white dining set ...

... but I love the blue chairs. This area of my kitchen is so blah. Maybe the painted chairs would give it some life. Its been at least a week since I spray painted something. My chairs may be the next victims. And, an empire chandelier! Exactly what I dream of finding. Maybe someday ...

I bookmarked the site a while ago because the store is in the area near where I grew up and I figured maybe I'd stop by there if I was ever in the area again. Now, its a MUST for a visit!


  1. is as if those pictures are just made for your rooms. I can see that armoire painted and the side tables (work on your husband on that). And the chairs - they would look amazing blue with your table. I can see it so go ahead and break out some spray paint girl.

  2. Love the blue chairs-I say go for it! the armoire looks great blue too.

  3. you have the beginnings for a beautiful "painted" room. I'd say go for it!

  4. yes, paint those chairs blue and the armoir too! can't wait to see...


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