Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late Summer Garden

This is the first year that we have peaches on our peach tree. I've had the tree for about 7 years and it survived a flooded yard in my old house, a pot where it just didn't grow and 2 transplants to where it finally is now. It must be happy there because it started giving us flowers a few years ago. I actually don't like peaches and just enjoyed it for the flowers. Having seen how much trouble my dad (who gave me the seedling) had getting clean fruit, I didn't bother trying. There was an article in the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago about just how much work it is to get good peaches. I don't mind using chemicals, but I have my limits. The peach tree exceeds the limts.

Last year, a squirrel went crazy eating every single peach. It was amusing to watch. He must have gotten a serious tummy ache after all those peaches because he didn't return this year. This is the first time I've gotten to see large, ripe peaches on the tree despite the fact that they're not perfect. Mr. T cut off the spotted part on one and he said that they are quite sweet. Maybe I'll have enought to make a cobbler for Mr. T.

And here's my shady herb garden. I've managed to kill the mint on the left despite the fact that everyone thought I was insane to plant it in the ground because it would take over. I've never had luck with mint in the ground. It dies on me. I'll go back to growing it in a pot next year. The basil on the right has done incredibly well. I've harvested it twice already and made large batches of pesto that I've frozen for the winter. I'll probably get 2 more batches of it. Basil is so expensive in the winter. The rosemary has also not taken over despite warnings. If anything has taken over, its the oregano in front. I have to cut that back and dry it.

Here's how the herb garden started in late spring.

My tiny veggie garden is below. I have to experiment with veggies because I only have shade to grow them in. Cucumbers and tomatoes do just fine in part shade. The tomatoes are taller than I am this year. The corn (on the right) was a huge joke and a failure. It was fun to try. I tried eggplant this year too.

We thought that was a failure as well, but we just checked today. Success!

And here are hydrangeas from my yard along with some roses I bought to go with them. I love the color they're turning now. Hard to believe they were a bluish purple not long ago.

I'm relaxing now with a colossal donut. Its hard to tell in the picture, but its called Colossal for a reason. Its probably 50% bigger than a regular donut and its delicious. Its my reward for the colossal tantrum the Happy one had today just before she went to sleep. I may have to change her nickname. She's 18 months old so I think the "terrible twos" have come early.

I have my donut, tea, my warmed herb scented neck wrap, my Snuggie (oh, yes I have one and love it!) and True Blood. I'm set for the night!


  1. i'm going to admit it .. i am sooooo jealous! i wish i had a garden. i've actually been looking into a community garden patch -- my green thumb needs some workouts.

  2. I love your herb garden. My Oregano has a tendency to go crazy too.

    You could, next year, plant the mint in a pot, but put the pot in the ground. That is how I keep some of mine in check, but still part of the garden itself.

    Happy Sunday:)

  3. What a great garden! That's a funny story about the peaches. I'm going to have to try an herb garden next year, then if that does well maybe I'll be brave enough to try some veggies!

  4. We just planted a peach tree this year. Hopefully we'll get some edible fruit! Its our pecan tree that the animals devour. Two years and we havent been able to eat a single pecan. But the orange, grapefruit & tangerine trees produce a ton of fruit.


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