Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Festival

While I was in Delaware over the weekend, I picked up the $10 yardsale clock I asked my parents to get for me. I didn't realize it had a pendulum. I love how it looks here.

I'm also participating in the DIY Showoff Fall Festival. I don't decorate too much because I have limited space to store holiday items so I add a small things here and there to what I already have.

What are Poe books without a Raven? He's looking a little tattered because he's been abused by little fingers.

My black feather wreaths ...

We probably won't get real pumpkins for a couple of weeks and even then, it will probably only be a couple. I just like going to the pumpkin patch more than actually bringing home pumpkins. ;-) I can't believe October is nearly here. Before long, it will be Christmas!


  1. I love your fall/halloween touches!

  2. I think the touches you have added are just perfect. I really like the little finger-fluffed feathers on the raven ;0) Happy Fall!

  3. I love everything you showed. it is all beautiful. I want some of those dried hydrangeas. I love your color.

    The feather wreath is a Knock Out. FABULOUS.

    I hope you will come by for a visit. I have a Knock Off party every Monday, a Celebrate the Holidays party on Wed and Its So Very Cottagey home tour every Fri.

  4. all reminds me of the way I decorate. Love your Poe and raven reference. Awesome! And the feather wreath, too cool for words.

    I have a linky party going on over at my place, check it out!

  5. I was just thinking that I needed to get a fall wreath! Love that clock!

  6. I love that feather wreath. HMMM.... I wonder if I can copy it.

  7. Love how simple and elegant everything is! That raven on top of the black bound Poe books is perfect, such a great touch:)

  8. Your fall touches are beautiful and perfect. So elegant. Poor tattered Raven! haha

    Thanks for sharing your fall decor by linking to the Fall Festival!


  9. I always thought getting a black crow was only for halloween decorating...which I don't do, but your crow looks perfect for fall decor. I may have to get me a black crow to go with my carved wood owl! You can see my owl on my blog (today's post)


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