Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Herb Wreath

I finally got outside to pick my forest of basil. I'm not sure this picture really conveys how much is there, but that bowl on the left is the biggest bowl I own. I wanted to make enough to freeze pesto for the winter, but I think I grew enough to feed an army for a winter! While I was out there, I ended up picking all the oregano as well that had become a pretty well established groundcover. All that oregano came from a single plant.

The plan was to make pesto, but I started washing and drying the oregano getting it ready for drying and started thinking how no one needs that much oregano. I always grow too much. I didn't want to waste it, but what do I do with it? Then, I thought of the $1 store wreath forms I'd never gotten around to using and floral wire leftover from my wedding.

The kitchen wreath idea was born. I started laying the stems and wrapping the wire.

Before long, the whole wreath was covered. Mr. T walked in expecting to see me busy at work on pesto to find me making a wreath. I think he was being sarcastic when he said that I should add the lavendar I'd picked a few days before. Good idea! I tied that on as well with some raffia and added a raffia bow.

Then, I ran into a problem. I wanted to hang this over my kitchen window, but to save my life I couldn't find my wreath hanger (like the kind you use for doors. I had to improvise. I took a wire hanger and bent it like this ...

Then, I wrapped more raffia around it and ended up with this ...


Very happy with it ... Sorry about the glare with the light. It was starting to get dark out so I need to take a better picture tomorrow.
I eventually did get to the pesto, but with that insane amount of basil, I need about 5 gallons of olive oil and several pounds of pine nuts, garlic and parmesan cheese so I didn't even come close to finishing. Grocery store trip planned for tomorrow.
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One last thing ... My parents are coming to visit for the day and they're bringing my mantle. I got it last month at the flea market and my dad spent so much time stripping it. He finished painting it this week. I'm beyond excited. I've never had a mantle in any house I've lived in and I cannot wait to have one installed and ready to decorate. Of course, I'll be sharing the results!

EDIT: I just wanted to add a note about the herbs ... There are a number of herbs you can do this with that I can think of besides the oregano that I used. Thyme would work well and I think Rosemary would work similar to a pine wreath for the holidays. I would stay away from things like basil, cilantro, parsley, etc. since those will wilt and not hold their shape.


  1. Lovely! What a great idea if you have anherb garden and they're coming out of your ears. I bet it smells great!

  2. Hurray! I have herbs and that is a beautiful wreath! Looks like I'm making a pesto wreath too! ;)

    Can't wait to see the mantel!

    Thanks for adding your inspiration to the surprise party!


  3. Such a great idea and I bet the smell is amazing and will scent your kitchen for months to come. Great job!

  4. Great job! Have you seen my basil wreath? I just did one about a week or two ago. I think yours looks better with the other herbs. Love it!

  5. Gorgeous! And does it smell yummy or what?!

  6. That looks amazing! I bet that area smells wonderful too!

  7. Beautiful! I can almost smell it! ;)

  8. I just love it!!! I have a ton of herbs still going strong in the garden and this is a great idea!

    :) T

  9. I love this wreath! As I was looking at it, I was wondering if it was Russian Sage or Lavender (until, of course, I read it was lavender!). Then I kept scrolling down. Hey! There's the Russian Sage! Mine got completely out of control, too. When I grew it in Minnesota, it was never like this! It never got this big and never had this many bees!!
    Anyway, what are your thoughts on using this instead of lavender? I've been wanting to do something with it. It doesn't smell as nice and I think it can tend to wilt. The blooms seem to fall off easier, too. (Did I just answer my own question???)
    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely idea!

  10. How very clever and it looks great!

  11. LUV this wreath! What a clever idea with the hanger...might need to try this...thanks for sharing. Guess who's #251?


  12. oh what a great wreath! and now i am hungry for some pesto :)

  13. This is lovely....I want to try this.......Thank you!

  14. I love this. Do you ever get hungry walking by it?
    I hope you will come on over for a visit.
    Tonight is the cut off for the Celebrating Home give-a-way.

  15. Beautiful! We've also got a sea of herbs and I never thought of doing this-I bet it smells amazing!

  16. That is so gorgeous! I love the idea of a fresh, smelly, green wreath. Love it!

  17. While making pesto with the basil is great and I do that...when I have too much basil (can you ever have too much tho?) I puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays. You can add a cube to spagetti sauce or anything hot that your cooking to melt it and add flavor.

  18. Oh my gosh! That is GORGEOUS!!!! Does it smell gorgeous too???

  19. so pretty! I bet it smells great too!

  20. Beautiful wreath...and the way you camouflaged the hanger - brilliant.


  21. Very clever idea! I am supposing you can use the herbs also - am wondering what it will look like when it dries?


  22. That is such a great idea! I am going to use that idea for a wreath holder!!

  23. this is a great idea.
    i have tons of fresh herbs growing and even though my blog features one (or more... can't remember) tutorials for wreath making, I have never thought of making one with herbs.

    It would be totally practical, and make great gifts. What a wonderful way to share my excess harvest with friends! :-)


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