Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is why I love Delaware ...

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my parents in DE. The shopping there for vintage and thrifty items is fantastic. Much better than where I live. On my way home, I passed a yard sale. It was a busy road and I was alone with my girls so I couldn't stop. I called my parents who lived only a mile or two up the road and asked them to check something out that caught my eye as I sped by - two large clocks. I've always wanted one but didn't want to spend $100 for it. Since I caught sight of the item driving by in a blur, mom sent me a picture to make sure I wanted it. Check it out ...

Still in the box ... How much? $10! I'm going to have to do some rearranging in my living room to put it in place.

I may do some painting today if I get to the store before it starts raining. Oh, and speaking of thrifty finds ... Flea market is in town this weekend. I can't wait!


  1. You must give me more details on some of these great DE spots. My inlaws live down in Fenwick Island DE and we make frequent visits. Would love to combine a little treasure hunting with family visiting.
    Love the clock and love the price even more!

  2. I love that clock and the price! Great find!


  3. Lucky you! And thank God for moms and their trusty cameras who'll feed our thrift shopping addictions! I think the clock will be great to have. Glad you got it!


  4. Susan,
    I've never been to Fenwick Island (yet) but the thing with DE is to go places away from the touristy areas and the main roads like Rt. 1. Stuff there is generally more expensive. I love the small towns. My parents live further north on the outskirts of Harrington. There are some great little shops and thrift stores in the downtown areas. Also, those two towns have TONS of yard sales every single weekend. I've driven from Harrington to Dover a couple of times (Rt. 13) and there are always a bunch of people with yard sales along that stretch of road. The clock was found on a yard sale on Rt. 14 between Milford and Harrington. That is also a road that always has people selling things at yard sales.

    There is also an amazing resale furniture store on Rt. 13 north of Harrington. Its actually in Felton - Canterbury Used Furniture and Antiques. I'm not sure if you saw the corner cabinet my dad refinished for me, but it cost me only about $75.

    There are tons of places in DE and I've only scratched the surface since my parents have been there for only 7 months.

  5. Nancy,
    My mom loves to shop so she has no problem checking stuff out for me and my dad really likes antiques. Its a lot of fun for all of us! I realize I am very lucky though. ;-)

  6. Thats a really nice clock!

    I'm having a paint party soon, feel free to check it out!

  7. Wow, great find. Gotta love high tech 'moms' who can send you a picture and I assume wait for the answer before buying.

  8. Melanie- I too love Delaware...was born and raised there and get home less often than I'd like to visit and shop with my sweet Mom.

    They are further north, in Wilmington. Plenty of fun little places there and into PA.

    Love your blog!



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