Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A cure for Insomnia?

I occasionally have terrible insomnia. It started with my first pregnancy and still happens often. Anyone who has ever coped with this can tell you that its just horrible being so tired and yet you can't sleep. Then, its hard to function and not be cranky during the day. I've never even considered going to a doctor because the last thing I want is some drug that will put me in a coma when I could potentially have to get up at night with a crying child.

I've had a few restless nights recently. Interestingly enough, I've slept the past 2 nights so well that I woke up early without even needing an alarm clock and with the kind of energy I usually only feel a couple of hours after waking up and drinking a pot of coffee. Maybe its coincidence, but my hands have gotten dry with the cooler weather so I put this on my hands just before bed the past 2 nights ...

Its from the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line - Lavender Chamomile - Sleep. Love the blue glass bottle too.

I love lavender just as much as the next person. I love anything in the scent. I also grow it in my garden, in floral arrangements and for sachets. I knew it was supposed to help with sleep, but I didn't really believe it. I love this lotion and have been using it for a long time in the morning after showering. I never used it for its properties as a sleep aid at night despite the giant SLEEP right on the front of the bottle. I guess you can lead a horse to water ... ;-)

A quick google search this morning turned up this little tidbit from Prevention magazine ...

"Psychologists at Wesleyan University asked 31 men and women to sniff lavender essential oil one night and then distilled water the next for four 2-minute periods just before bedtime. The researchers monitored their sleep cycles with brain scans. On the night they whiffed the herb, subjects slept more soundly; they also felt more energetic the next morning. The researchers found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, the very deep slumber in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. During this phase, the brain is thought to organize memory, as well."

I'm a total believer now! I can't wait to go back for more "Sleep" products. Bath and Body Works didn't pay me to say this. I'm just a girl who's very grateful to have a good night's sleep!


  1. This is one of my fav lotions and yes I've heard lavender works. Hope you get a good nights rest every night now!

  2. :D
    Hi, Melanie!!!
    How are you doing?
    Although I don't blog like I used to, I still
    come vist your blog for ideas and inspiration!! OH!!I also want to order some of your jewelries..
    Melanie..honestly, they're beautiful!!!
    YES..Christmas is coming!!
    Have a great day!!!

  3. My best selling soap is an essential oil blend of lavender and vanilla. It's called 'Sleepy Time' :o) Which reminds me, I need to whip up more for the holidays!

  4. thanks for this info...i have the samething, but mine started after my second son!

  5. Hmmm! I'm going to try this. I also have bouts of insomnia.

  6. I will give this info to my oldest daughter. She has insomnia a lot. I do have a small sample of that same lotion. I think I should go dig it out and let her try it. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I grew lavender, but never really liked the smell, however on restless nights it is worth trying! Hope it continues to work for you.

  8. Hi Melanie, thanks for visiting today. I definitely need to try this. I get so wound up that it's hard to "unwind"! I love all their products so this will be next!

  9. Fascinating. I need to try this. :o) Especially after a warm bath. My daughter recently said she is having trouble sleeping, so will try it for her too. :o)


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