Friday, October 30, 2009

Half-Bath Project

We've been planning to finish remodeling our half-bath this winter. When we moved in, it had some textured wallpaper in a neutral beige color. It wasn't bad, but I just wanted paint instead. I uncovered layers and layers wallpaper beneath that first layer. Some of it was painted over (please don't ever do that!) and it took me days to repair the wall. I remember being covered head to toe in dust from sanding.

Anyway, I put up a new mirror, painted the walls tan and painted the tiny cabinet brown and its been that way for a while.

When we remodeled our main bath, we bought a pedestal sink that was way, WAY too big for the main bathroom. It would, however, be perfect for our half-bath, so we just stored it. When we did the main bath remodel, we also had the floors changed from floral laminate to tile in the half-bath in anticipation of eventually finishing it. As you can see in this picture, all we have is a counter and no storage space so we're using a wicker trunk to hide cleaning supplies and there's a basket of diapers on top. I don't love this look but we simply have no storage space.

So, the other day I was looking at the mirror in the bathroom that would need replacing once the smaller pedestal sink was installed and thought of my seashell mirror in an upstairs hallway ...

So, I took down the mirror and put it in the half-bath. I love how it looks there and decided I could decorate the bathroom around it. I won't be waiting for winter!

A corner cabinet I purchased has been refinished by my dad and its still at their house because I was waiting until we had the spot empty for it. Here's my corner cabinet in their dining room waiting for its new home.

So, I started thinking about paint colors. My house is basically 4 colors - pale green, pale blue, white and tan. They're colors I'm always drawn to when I have to pick paint. The obvious choice for the sea-inspired bathroom would have been blue, but I have a blue dining room and don't have a lot of green so I'm going to try a sort of sea-glass/seafoam green. As usual, I didn't want to buy paint, so I went back to my paint stash. I still have some paint that I used from my potting bench and my daughter's vanity/desk so that's what I wanted to go with, but I didn't have enough paint left. Because the walls are imperfect, I also need a paint with less sheen.

I get so overwhelmed picking paint colors but luckily, I just got BHG in the mail a few days ago and there was the a great color in one of the articles.

So, I'll be at the store later this morning buying Behr - Spring Hill. There's going to be a lot of repairs needed on the walls and painting to be done before the sink goes in, but I can't wait to get started. Let the demolition begin!


  1. I'm saving that same page because of the gorgeous color combo! I'll be watching for the transformation :o)

  2. Oh what a great color scheme. I can't wait to see the finished room. I know it will be gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. You'll do a great job! And I love the seashell mirror. I just checked out how you did that. I've been looking at thrift shops for a mirror to do this to, having admired the mega-expensive one PB was selling this summer. Now I'm even more determined!!!

  4. I love the shell mirror, the corner cabinet and those GORGEOUS drapes! This was all "eye-candy" for me!!!


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