Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October!

Ocotober is my favorite month. I love the cooler weather, visits to the pumpkin patch, Halloween and the anticipation of the approaching holidays. I always wished for a major event in my life like my wedding or the birth of a child in October, but it was not to be. I still love October!

Its beautiful here today. A nice sunny, perfect day with temperatures in the high sixties. My girls and I went out for a bit and I stopped at JoAnns to pick up jewelry supplies. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I ended up finding a pretty red dress with fairy wings on clearance for $10. I've been looking everywhere for something like this and couldn't find it let alone for a price like that. She's going to be a little devil for Halloween. My older girl will be an angel but her costume is easy to find. Anyway, I also found this little birdhouse for $6 in the clearance aisle. I've been wanting some birdhouses, but they're surprisingly expensive every time I come across them.

I also finally hung some of my lace edge dishes above the doorway between my dining room and living room. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but needed to collect the dishes. The two on the outside were finds at the mansion flea market last weekend. They have some stains I was unable to remove despite trying every suggestion possible, but since they were for wall hanging, I'm fine with it. I want to do this over the back door in my kitchen, but I need to find more dishes.

I also found this little teapot in my favorite Delaware thrift store for about $3.

I painted it white and put it up along with the two dishes that did not have the matching cups that we purchased.

I get a lot of comments from people asking where I find the time to do things. First, I'm home most of the week. I know on days that I work, I come home like a zombie and there's no way I can start decorating, crafting, sewing, etc. I do things with my girls around. Here they are in the next room as I was hanging the dishes. My little one is currently in my lap reading a book.

I also make the most of the 2 hour naptime each day to do things I find easier to do without little ones around. Last but not least, I have an incredible husband. No male/female roles in this household. Days I work, he's home doing laundry. He's great at painting trim and building things for me, but he's not above cooking dinner. Without him, I would certainly not have as much time to do what I do. I'm a very lucky girl!


  1. I love October, too. Its actually been decent down here in Florida, but is going back up to upper 80s again.

    I love how your dishes look.

    I know what you mean about after work. Its hard for me to compare myself to how much SAHMs get done, since I'm working until 4 and then having to come home and get everything done that HAS to be done. Its hard to find time to do what I want to do. Im jealous of my SIL (who watches my kids) having the house clean and dinner done and cleaned up at 5.

  2. my favorite month is birthday is in november maybe in this reason this month actually "sweet november" for me:)
    any way i like your decoration..white always make me feel like i'm clean...

  3. i share your sentiments, too...this is a lovely post:)


  4. Your plate decoration is cute. This week I saw a few white milk glass items at a thrift near my area (do you live near Fairfax?). Now I recall you collect them, correct?
    Hope you have a great October.

  5. Love your projects! I have those same cute S&P pumpkins! Great hubby and time management skills - you are very blessed.


  6. Those white plates look great against the blue of the walls. I really like that shade of blue too. And the teapot's great!

  7. Oh, I love October, too. Your cottage is looking so pretty with the plates and the little teapot. They all look so pretty against the blue wall. You are a blessed girl to have a hubby who so willingly helps. Hugs, Cindy S.

  8. Love that big white pumpkin!!

    barbara jean

  9. Love your blog. So many pretty things to look at !


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