Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas Surprise

This Christmas, there was a box unlike the others sitting under the tree ...

The gift was a surprise for my parents from my brother and me. I'm not good with surprises. I can keep them to myself, but I usually give away hints. I wanted them to be really surprised, so I kept totally quiet despite the fact that it was killing me.

So, what was inside? Hints and Clues ... The box was wrapped in plaid fabric and filled with Walker's Shortbread, Cadbury's chocolate, Scotch, Earl Grey Tea ... and a card. Can you guess what the real gift was? My mom didn't have a clue as she removed the contents.

When she opened the card ...

It finally dawned on her. She started to cry! Not the reaction I was expecting. Of course, then I started to cry. It was a HUGE surprise to them both!

The gift is not actually a Christmas gift, but an anniversary gift my brother and I started discussing a year ago. For their 40th anniversary, we're sending our parents to London and Scotland. They are the reasons that my brother and I have the successful lives we have and they deserve this and more.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Pop!


  1. Wonderful! Bet you wish you could jump into their luggage and tag along. :)

    I and my son recieved a trip to Disney from my ex a few years back. It's a surreal feeling to be told you'll be whisked away to a dream location when you hadn't even planned it. I know the feeling well.


  2. Donna, I *do* wish I could go! I've been to London, but I'd love to see Scotland. I love castles! So fun that you got a surprise trip once. It certainly was a fun gift to give!


  3. Great gift, and your packaging was superb!

  4. Aw, Melanie, what a wonderful gift for your parents!
    You almost have ME crying!


  5. What an amazing gift for your parents!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  6. what a special gift, and a great surprise for your parents

  7. Ohhhhhh, what a wonderful surprise!! It looks like it will be a fabulous trip! You and your brother were so thoughtful to put together such a surprise for your parents! Hope you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

    God Bless,

  8. that is the sweetest, most wonderful gift ~ and you packaged it in such a fantastic way!

  9. Thats awesome! What clever packaging!


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